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But why would you want to drive all the way to a fishing village on the Juminda peninsula if new restaurants seem to mushroom in the big city?
How many people have even heard about a village called Kolga-Aabla?
Would I go through this type of calvary?
I suppose I would and I believe I could also persuade you, dear gourmet.
Why did we establish MerMer?
Trips to the Mediterranean countries and Tenerife were the main sources of inspiration. We cherish the restaurant culture in these countries and feel that it is very close to ours.
Here are a few kaleidoscopic photos.
We ordered a Torres wine at a pub in Tenerife. As the waiter was filling each glass, he mimicked a bull, but it did not sound vulgar, at all; rather, it was funny because it was spontaneous and good-natured. A few days later, we ended up at the same restaurant. You guessed right!
The same waiter was greeting us at the door like we were old acquaintances.
When we visited the same café in Barcelona twice, the waiter remembered that we wanted two Americanos in a row.
In Madrid, a waiter drew our attention to the fact that for only two extra euros, we could have a reserve wine from the restaurant’s wine cellar.
At a small family restaurant in Florence, the entire family from the grandmother to her grandchildren was catering to us. When we were asked if we enjoyed the meal, we felt that a simple answer, such as “Yes, we did!” could not even describe how grateful we were for the simple but delicious food and great service.
On the island of Korcula, Croatia, the waiting staff agreed to keep the café open just for us so that we could watch the Eurovision pre-selection until the end. Before we left, we were treated to a glass of wine.
I guess everyone who has done a little travelling can think of similar occasions. This is why we established MerMer. We sincerely hope that anyone visiting us would feel right at home.
How to find us? More information HERE.

Merrit and Jaan

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